Unit 6 Cargo Forecourt Road, Gatwick Airport, West Sussex  RH6 0SQ

Animal Aircare Company Limited Animal Reception Centre Gatwick

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

Can I contact the ARC when I arrive at Gatwick?

Can My pet travel in the cabin?

Where can I buy a container for my pet?

What happens to my pet on arrival at the ARC?

What happens to the travelling box once I have collected my pet?

Do I need to pay any charges when I arrive at Gatwick?

 I need a hotel that will accommodate my pet

Can I see my pet while I am waiting at the ARC?

Can I send you my documentation in advance?

Do I need to be on the same flight as my pet?

Do I need to bring anything with me when I collect my pet?

Can I collect any bedding that I put in the box?

The quickest time from the aircraft landing is likely to be one hour for European flights and two hours from outside Europe.

Evenings and weekends could take a little longer.

These timings are for Pets only with no paperwork issues.

Some parts of the process are beyond our control but we will keep you informed of any delays.

Approximate times :

Collection from aircraft to ARC 30-60mins

Check in at ARC 10mins

PeTS documentary checks 10mins

Electronic transfer of record and customs clearance (if applicable) up to 30mins

Only trained Assistance/Service dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin.  Please see the DEFRA website for more information.

All pets are taken out of their boxes and offered water.  We do not feed on arrival as there is always another journey before reaching home.

Boxes are the owner’s property and should be collected with your pet.

If the box is no longer required we can dispose of/recycle for a small fee -

£5 for plastic boxes, £10 for wooden boxes.

We do not sell second hand boxes.

Most airlines include the costs of the ARC handling and documentary checks in with the shipping costs.

You will need to pay your customs agent at their published rate if this has not been included in with the shipping costs.

There is an airline handling charge to pay if this has not been included in with the shipping costs.

Please ask your shipper/agent for details.

We accept all Major Credit Cards

We hold a list of Pet Friendly Hotels.  Please ask at reception for help

We are quite happy to know that you have arrived and that you will be on your way to us, but please be aware that you pet may not be with us at that time

We sell a selection of Travel boxes  see our Services - Boxes page.

They can also be found for sale on the internet or a local shipper will be able to help

We are in a secure warehouse and there is no public access.  Your pet will be safe and secure.  We will re-unite you as soon as possible.

We are very happy to check over your Pet’s paperwork, but cannot offer a pre-clearance. Clearance can only be given when we see your pet and original documents.

No.  If you let us know your arangements we can accommodate your pet.  There are extra charges for this service.  Pease refer to our Services - Boarding page

The consignee will need to bring photographic ID.  It is a good idea to bring a spare collar and lead for your dog.

Any allowable items that you have put in the box for your pet’s comfort can be collected with your pet