Unit 6 Cargo Forecourt Road, Gatwick Airport, West Sussex  RH6 0SQ

Animal Aircare Company Limited Animal Reception Centre Gatwick

Animal Aircare can act as the Customs Clearing Agent on your behalf

Customs Clearance

All animals arriving from outside the UK need to be cleared by HMRC

Arrivals from the EU :

These shipments are automatically entered and cleared with Customs.  All the owner needs to do is collect a Customs Release Note from the appropriate Transit Shed Operator.  These are all within walking distance of the Animal Reception Centre.

Arrivals from outside the EU :

These shipments will need to have their details entered for Customs Clearance.  We can offer this service keeping everything ‘in house?  You will need to complete form C5 which can be downloaded here.

Whichever clearing agent you choose, the Customs Release note will be printed in our office thus reducing the time before you are reunited with your pet/s



The Channel Islands and Canary Islands are not EU for customs purposes