Unit 6 Cargo Forecourt Road, Gatwick Airport, West Sussex  RH6 0SQ

Animal Aircare Company Limited Animal Reception Centre Gatwick

Animal Aircare Staff will attend the aircraft to meet Assist/Service dogs arriving into the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme

Assistance Dogs / Guide Dogs

The checks for compliance with the Pet Travel Scheme are carried out on the aircraft so that the animal remains with the passenger.

Pre Notification must be made as per the Airline’s Service Level Agreement.  This always includes the faxing or emailing of the Pet Travel Scheme documents to  the  Animal Reception Centre prior to check in.

Charges for recognised trained Assist dogs will be met by the Airport authority.

Please  be aware that there may be a charge (payable in advance) for Emotional Support, Medical Alert or other accompanying animals which have been accepted for carriage in the cabin by the Airline, but their training is not recognised by DEFRA in the UK